SMASH (Strength, Masculinities, and Sexual Health) is our long-awaited parallel program to FOXY that is designed to meet the unique demands of young men around the Northwest Territories (NWT).

SMASH is the result of collaboration with Northern youth, men, teachers, artists, health professionals, parents, Elders, and community leaders, responding to needs identified in interviews, focus groups, and discussions with over 200 Northerners that took place across the NWT in 2015-16.

In May 2016, FOXY held a Think Tank with a large group of boys and men from all regions of the NWT to lay the foundation for SMASH, which teaches sexual health, consent, healthy relationships, and positive masculinity through school-based workshops and a Peer Leader Retreat program.

SMASH is a program that educates and encourages young men to define their own masculinity – what does it mean to be a man, and how to be a good man. It includes practical, realistic discussions about sexual health and relationships, and straight-forward strategies for communication, consent, and discussions of boundaries. SMASH encourages Northern youth to become exceptional leaders in their own communities, identifying both problems and solutions, and acting as role models in all facets of their lives. In SMASH workshops and Retreats, participants learn about individual and team achievement, being a positive part of a healthy community, and modelling great decision making for others.

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

How is SMASH Research?

FOXY/SMASH is a participatory action research project, which means youth are involved with all aspects of the project, from its development to implementation, and the evaluation. The research component of FOXY/SMASH looks at the effectiveness of FOXY/SMASH for empowering NWT youth and educating about sexual health in the North. Please contact the Executive Director, Candice Lys, for more information about the research component of FOXY/SMASH!

Our Team


Candice Lys, Executive Director

Dr. Candice Lys grew up in Fort Smith in a very large Métis family, and has lived all over the world, including a brief stint on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. Candice has her Masters degree in Health Promotion and holds a PhD in Public Health Science. She is a Research Associate with the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research in Yellowknife, the only Ashoka Fellow from the Northwest Territories, and is a quilting enthusiast.

Kayley Inuksuk Mackay, Coordinator

Kayley Inuksuk Mackay is a photographer, film maker, and traditional Inuit style throat singer born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories with roots in Nunavut’s Kivalliq Region.  Kayley grew up both on the land and in the city.  The presence of such diverse extremes in her upbringing cultivated a unique aesthetic that shows through in her art.  Her passion for art collides with her heart for northern youth in the work she does with FOXY and SMASH.  The vision that inspires her most is to see more indigenous representation across all disciplines.

Nancy MacNeill, Program Facilitator

Nancy MacNeill was born in Iqaluit and has lived in Yellowknife since she was a kid. She received her BA from the University of Lethbridge before starting a local non-profit women’s group called the Northern V Network, and working with Victim Services, the Foster Family Coalition, and Theatre on the Lake. Nancy is a history nerd who enjoys knitting, homemade salsa, and live music.


Jeff Dineley, Program Facilitator

Jeff Dineley is thrilled to be a part of the very first SMASH facilitation team. Jeff fell in love with the North shortly after moving here from Ontario in 2010. After six years of working as a high school teacher in Yellowknife, he found himself looking for a new challenge and couldn’t believe his luck when he heard SMASH was hiring. Look for him in a community near you, workshopping and loving it!

Brian Jasper, Program Facilitator

Brian was born in Yellowknife on Chief Drygeese Territory in 1981 and raised there along with his younger sibling. Brian seeks to maintain a strong connection with the Land and its teachings and remains indebted to the various community Elders and Resource Leaders that have shared their knowledge, traditions and life experiences with him. Brian is a firm believer in adapting western ways of thinking & practicing to Northern Indigenous perspectives in order to deliver relevant and culturally competent support services to Northerners, specifically Northern Youth (our future). Brian is on year eight of his decolonization process, so please be patient. 


Jacob Schiller, Peer Leader

Jacob Schiller was born and raised in Yellowknife, NWT and has family roots all over the North. He is currently finishing high school. Jacob was encouraged by his family to go to the SMASH peer leader retreat and is very excited to be a SMASH peer leader. He thinks the best part of this role is facilitating the workshops and being a role model for youth. In his spare time, Jacob loves playing music and hanging out with his dogs.

Bradley Shaw, Peer Leader

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