What does the SMASH logo mean?

“The SMASH logo includes caribou antlers, the North Star, and survival strings for mittens.  We chose the antlers to show our Northern culture, and our pride in this program.

The “A” looks like a man, standing strong, drawing his strength from the antlers, and the SMASH program.

The North Star guides us, gives us something to look towards, and represents finding our way home.

The mitten strings show how we are defining our own masculinity – and not letting society tell us what men and women can do. We help each other survive in a tough environment. We learned how to make these mitten strings from Setsuné, one of the Elders who joined us at the SMASH Retreat, and wanted to honour her teaching in our logo.”

– The 2016 SMASH Peer Leader Retreat Alumni

Thanks to Erasmus Apparel for their exceptional design work and much accommodation.